Riding for Focus: How Specialized is getting kids out of the classroom and onto bikes

For ADHD-affected kids, so accustomed to a relentless swirl of activity in their heads, the simple act of riding a bike had a profound effect far transcending a worthy dose of daily exercise – it slowed them down, and made them present.  

Specialized has a Plan to use Bicycling to Help Manage ADHD in Schools

Riding for Focus is based on the bike company’s founder’s experiences using biking to help clear his mind, an experience the company is now bringing to schools around the country.

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Road Bikes, Not Ritalin: How Cycling Could Help Kids with ADHD

Specialized Founder Mike Sinyard has suffered from ADHD since childhood. Cycling, however, always seemed to ease his inability to stay focused. From what he's noticed, it's also improved his son’s ADHD symptoms.

Can Cycling and Exercise Create a Better Future for Children with ADHD?

With support from the Foundation, Stanford research is helping us better understand the effects of exercise on brain function and cognition in children with ADHD.

Why Bike Riding is Being Prescribed for Kids Diagnosed with ADHD

Nearly six million children in the United States have been diagnosed as having ADHD. And while many parents worry about the medications getting prescribed to their kids, they might not know that help may be as close as their garage. TODAY's Harry Smith reports.

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Specialized Medicine: The Impact of Cycling on ADHD

According to the National Institute of Mental Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ADHD affects people of all ages worldwide and is one of the leading disorders diagnosed in childhood. The characteristic behaviors of ADHD include varying grades of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Specialized Announces New Foundation for Kids w/ ADHD

We've been researching the issue of attention problems in middle schoolers and rolling out school-based cycling programs through our nonprofit. The organization provides programs for kids, as well as research for the potentially brain boosting benefits of cycling.

It’s All in Your Head

Our new research on middle school kids explores the link between riding and brainpower, and it makes a compelling case for adding more exercise into the lesson plans. Some recent studies indicate that the brain processes information more efficiently after exercise, and researchers are especially interested in the effects of cycling on kids with ADHD.

Riding Is My Ritalin

Learn how one cyclist gained control over his ADHD. Adam Leibovitz, a child with ADHD, found that pedaling his bicycle made him feel better and easier to focus. It was reading this article that inspired the Specialized Founder & CEO, Mike Sinyard, to start the Specialized Foundation in order to further the research of the effects of cycling on brain function.