Who We Work With

Everyone knows that when a group of like-minded people join forces, it’s easier to get things done. That’s why we partner with a wide range of local, regional, and national businesses; plus government agencies and research institutes. Together, we can affect real change and make an impact on the lives of kids struggling with ADHD. Interested in partnering with us on medical research endeavors or the Riding for Focus school programs? Contact us at foundation@specializedfoundation.org

The great thing about using cycling is that we can give students a tool they can use for a lifetime. Not only that, but families and communities can be part of the solution together and that is exciting.
— Dr. Ray Allen, Chair of the Physical Education and Sport Department in The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions at Central Michigan University (CMU)

Technology Partner


Microsoft and its employees are committed to delivering technology solutions that are accessible and affordable for nonprofits everywhere. Microsoft believe in the potential of every student and believe everything is possible with the right tools. Microsoft believe technology can be a powerful force for social good and are delighted to empower every student on the planet to achieve more.


Cycling Program Partner

Department of Physical Education & Sport, Central Michigan University

The CMU’s Department of Physical Education and Sport (PES) provides students with a variety of professional and personal growth options. And through our partnership, we developed the Riding for Focus curriculum that's specifically designed to meet national standards for physical education classes.



Stanford University School of Medicine

The Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research (CIBSR), conducts research is building a knowledge base that's improving the lives and well-being of kids with brain disorders. The staff is dedicated on identifying biological and environmental risk factors; understanding disease pathophysiology and developmental outcomes; and developing new treatments for neurodevelopmental, neurogenetic, and neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood onset.


Performance Improvement Partner


Tile is the world's largest lost and found community, connecting millions of users in locating misplaced items. The Specialized Foundation partnered with Tile to provide Riding for Focus instructors a fast and reliable way to keep track of 50 middle school students on bikes.


Performance Improvement Partner

Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness partnered with The Specialized Foundation to provide an indoor riding solution for schools that may be restricted from riding off campus by weather, district policy, or bike route availability. Britton Middle School in Morgan Hill, CA was the test pilot school in the spring of 2017.  


Donor Partner

Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation

The SVLG Foundation is committed to improving all facets of quality of life in Silicon Valley ranging from education to shelter.  They have pledged to support The Specialized Foundation by providing multi-year financial support to local Riding for Focus schools.


Advocacy Partner

Active Schools

Research shows that an astounding 2 out of 3 kids aren’t moving enough and Active Schools is on a mission to reverse that trend.  The Specialized Foundation and Active Schools have partnered to identify the best schools to introduce the Riding for Focus cycling program.


Advocacy Partner

Partnership for a Healthier America  

The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) is devoted to working with the private sector to ensure the health of our nation’s youth by solving the childhood obesity crisis.  PHA and The Specialized Foundation continue to join forces on improving the health of our youth through cycling programs during the school day.



Ground Control Systems®

Ground Control Systems® is a leading specialty contractor of innovative bike and board parking solutions in North America. With over 25 years of experience, Ground Control Systems provides innovative, space efficient bike storage solutions and assists in creating important guides for the Riding for Focus program


Performance Improvement Partner

Scocshe Industries

Scocshe generously donated 220 Rhythm + Heartrate Monitors that will seamlessly interface with the Biometric Assessment Tool developed by NPE. These HRMs are ideal for implementing with middle school students in the Riding for Focus program.


Performance Improvement Partner

United Health Group - Optum

Optum partnered with The Specialized Foundation on creating the FERPA-, COPPA-, and HIPPA-approved database that will allow de-identified biometric data collected from the Riding for Focus program to be utilized by our primary research partners at Stanford University. Optum focuses on helping improve the health care system itself, including population health management, care delivery, and improving the clinical and operating elements of the system.


Performance Improvement Partner

4iiii Inovations

The premier developer technologies for both elite and casual athletes that improve sports performance and make the athlete's world safer is teaming up with The Specialized Foundation through their donation of pro line of power meter solutions for our research lab at Stanford University School of Medicine.   


Performance Improvement Partner

Specialized Bicycle Components

Specialized pulled out all the stops when they designed a custom Specialized Foundation Pitch. From high-end disc brakes to one-by gearing and numbered seat posts to colored sizing this bike is made to get Riding for Focus students out on the roads and trails. 


Performance Improvement Partner

Carbon 3d

Carbon 3d works with the largest brands and leading innovators to make its most advanced thinking a practical reality. They produced a unique, secure holder for Tiles to attach below a Specialized Foundation saddle, improving asset security and student tracking.


Performance Improvement Partner


Fitbit partnered with The Specialized Foundation to provide accurate heartrate feedback and data collection for the Riding for Focus program. This data drives the social, academic, and health outcome research being conducted in conjunction with the Brain Fitness Lab at Stanford University.


Performance Improvement Partner

North Pole Engineering

NPE has developed The Specialized Foundation’s Biometric Assessment Tool (BAT), allowing real time data collection from Riding for Focus school cycling programs. They generously donated the required WASP-N ANT+ and Bluetooth® devices to deploy this assessment tool.