Outride Fund


Outride Fund

Our goal is to empower local communities to launch a variety of youth cycling programs.Through dollar for dollar matching grants in Youth Cycling Education (Riding for Focus), Trail/Pump Track projects, and Youth Rider Development (NICA), we seek to accelerate the creation of cycling communities around the country.

Before activating your community, it is important to learn about all the components of winning an Outride Fund Grant. Below is a high level overview and step by step procedures on how to be successful in starting a fundraising campaign and applying for matching funds.

Step one is to come up with a youth cycling project you are passionate about. Next, click below to start a local fundraising campaign using our Everyday Hero platform:

Next, to ensure you are able to realize the full matching grant, share with your local community to raise awareness and increase your donations to hit your goal. Once you have established initial support in the community around your campaign, apply for matching grants in each of the three areas of focus. Upon winning the grant you will recieve a commitment from the Outride Fund to match you dollar for dollar to a specific amount. Feel free to use this as a tool to accelerate your project even more.