We LOVE our Riding for Focus Schools and Retail Champions!

Yes! Giving some Love to our Riding for Focus Schools and Champion Retailers this Valentine’s Day!

Check out COMFIT students in New Braunfels, Texas as they ride and lead out the start of The Comal Independent School District’s Love to Run 2019.

The team at The Chain Link Bicycle Shop in New Braunfels, Texas near San Antonio has a lot of heart invested in support of the school too. Owner Seana Rousseau (pictured with shop dog Greg) shared “I'm so glad we are able to make a small impact on kids' lives.” The shop built up the bikes and provides on going bike maintenance. Canyon Middle School was the first school in Texas to be awarded a Riding for Focus grant in the fall of 2017 and the program is still going strong—even with its results. The same program is well underway at Church Hill Middle School.

Students in the program are being evaluated on how their behavior and focus have changed in their classroom, if their grades have improved, and how the activity has benefited their body mass index (BMI). Based on the District Common Assessments, the students in the Riding for Focus program saw a 53% growth in their Math scores, and a 76% growth in their English Language Arts scores.

Micaeli Smith, Comal ISD’s Health and Wellness Coordinator and Jessica Galindo, PE teacher at Canyon Middle shared that  “Riding for Focus has made a big impact on this campus. “The kids have had the opportunity to learn about road safety, preparing their bikes, and for some students, even how to ride a bike for the first time ever.” I am confident that this program has impacted these students physically, behaviorally, and academically.

 “Students have personally informed me the main reason they love to come to school is because of the bike program,” said Holly Long, Canyon Middle’s Campus Instructional Coach. “These are students that did not enjoy school or seem to have a positive outlook on their education until this program.”

Ariadne Scott