Riding for Focus Water Bottle Design Challenge Winner


Congratulations Waukesha!

This past fall, we issued a challenge to all of our Riding for Focus schools to submit a design for Specialized custom water bottles with a promise of free bottles and bragging rights to the school to take first prize.

Thanks to the creative and whimsical artwork submitted by the Waukesha STEM Academy students, the entry spearheaded by Dan Tuttle, Physical Education Specialist and Cross County/Track & Field Coach. They now have bottles on hand to celebrate their artistic flair and to toast to their success. We took some time to ask them how they came up with the colorful, creative and unique characters. Disney take note!

group art.JPG


Why was the green dinosaur created for this logo?

The dinosaur came from a variety of ideas. I wanted to design something that excited younger students and made them smile, but I was also thinking about how riding a bicycle made me feel bigger, more powerful, and under control of my own thoughts and actions… characteristics of a brachiosaurus. Also, how cool is it to think that when we ride bikes, we save on carbon emissions by saving gas… gas which is made from the oil and carbon remains of dinosaurs!

Why were these three animated colored-characters used for this design and what do they represent?

The different colored characters represent the diversity of kids in the program. The Riding for Focus program is designed to help people of all ages and backgrounds. I used primary colors because the Riding for Focus program helps us build a great base of cycling knowledge.

How was the winged-wheel chosen for this design?

Robin Williams loved bicycles and was once quoted saying “riding a bike is the closest man can get to flying.” The winged wheel represents how they feel when they are riding a bike, like we were flying and bikes had wings. The words in the background are all concepts we learned and motivational phrases we talked about during the program and they represent the heart of Riding for Focus.

Student image x 3.jpg

Congratulations again Waukesha Stem Academy for giving 100%--well-deserved!

Ariadne Scott